Sunday, June 28, 2009

Priesthood blessings

So I spoke too soon! My little 18 month old did get sick. He was so sick in fact that the doctor prescribed the anti viral they give people with the swine flu. We even went to the hospital to get him tested. They came back negative so no swine flu. But our doctor told us to treat it like it was the swine flu. So we did, kept him away from people for a few days and completed the medication.
It's not fun having sick children. It is nice and such a blessing to our family that my husband holds the priesthood and can give priesthood blessings. When my little one was sick that was the first thing I wanted to happen, a blessing. It was an amazing blessing. So powerful that I wasn't worried at all if my little would get better, I knew he would. The very next day he started to get better. Now it doesn't always happen like that. We are always on the Lord's time. This time my little was supposed to get better quickly. What a blessing it was to us! I love the priesthood of the Lord.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I'm sorry it's been so long. I should have been writing down the things that have been happening so I could share them with you. We have been crazy busy the last little while.
A couple of weeks ago my sisters and I gave my other sister a baby shower. She was a little sick. She said that she was getting better and on the down hill side of it. So of course we didn't think anything about it my kids were even around her. The next week she called to see how we were all doing. She had found out that a sick client she had been working with had the swine flu. She went to her doctor and he told her that that is what she had had and to call all of her family and let them know. What a blessing that she got over it so quickly at 38 weeks pregnant.
My little 18 month old was the first one to get sick. I'm pretty sure he didn't have the swine flu. It was just a simple head cold. I don't think I got it either. When I was sick it only lasted a couple of days and it was more along the lines of a cold also. The same for my little girl. But my poor husband, we are pretty sure that he got the swine flu. He is starting to feel much better, but it wasn't fun at all. He had almost all of the signs and symptoms they tell you to look for. How grateful I am that it really is just like another strand of the flu. I feel bad for those who have had it and had loved ones die. I am very blessed to have a healthy family so that when this hit, we were able to cope and get better. I hope all of you stay healthy too.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Prayers answered

On Monday my family decided to go up in the Mountains for Family Home Evening. It had been raining earlier that day but started to look better. So off we went. It took a little while to get where my husband wanted to go. It started to rain right when we arrived. The rain didn't stay long so we decided to stay and cook our dinner. It was nice, very peaceful. No one around. We had the place to our selves. After our dinners had been cooking for 20 minutes the rain came back with a vengeance. We were blessed that our food was cooked all the way because the rain put the fire out. We ate in the car and then started our drive back home. The kids were in good spirits until we started sliding. The dirt road was very muddy. I was driving and could see that they were scared. And lets face it I was the more scared than I've ever been. I was in a big SUV pulling a trailer plus caring my three precious cargo in the back. So I stopped and I said a prayer that we would be safe. I drove a little more. Then our car started fishtailing. Now I've driven in snow before and when you fishtail it really isn't a big deal, you can steer out of it. But this was different. I was in deep mud and there was a steep drop off the right side of the road. My oldest son told me he was scared. So I told him to say a prayer that he wouldn't be scared anymore. He did. Then we started to jack knife a little. I was extremely worried that the trailer would pull us over the edge. So I radioed my husband telling him it was his turn to drive. While he was loading the trailer I had the idea (inspired from heaven) to see if the DVD player was in the car. Sure enough it was there with all of our movies. I put a movie on and the kids were distracted. I'm so thankful I called my husband when I did. The road got worse and I know I wouldn't have been able to drive us to safety. It was so nice to be on the paved road again and be able to talk to my son about how Heavenly Father answered his prayer (It was a great Family Home Evening lesson since we were not able to do the one I prepared). The movie had distracted him and he wasn't scared anymore. President Spencer W. Kimball, former President of my church, once said, "God does notice us, and he watches over us. But it is usually through another person that he meets our needs" ('Small acts of Service' Ensign, Dec 1974, p.5). Heavenly Father did watch over us. I was inspired to see if there was a DVD movie for the kids to watch and also to get my husband to finish the drive. I am once again grateful for the power of prayer.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Yesterday we were able to attend my Husband's Niece's baptism. There is something special about attending a baptism. Whether it's an older convert or a young eight year old, there is always an amazing spirit there. It's one of my favorite things. That and attending someone receiving their endowment (a gift from our Heavenly Father in the Temple), or being sealed for time and all eternity. These are amazing ordinances. The spirit that resides at these events can be breath taking.
At this particular baptism I was given a tender mercy from the Lord. I've been a little sick. Some of my stomach pain has come back. We're not sure why or what to do about it this time. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to attend. My husband and I even talked about driving separately so I could leave if I needed to. The morning of I wasn't feeling good enough to drive so we went together as a family. After the meeting started I didn't feel any pain and didn't feel pain until we got home that evening. It may seem like a small thing. But it's the small things/blessings that we need to recognize the most. It really does help us to see that Heavenly Father knows us on an individual level and he truly does care about us. I only hope I can live up to the blessings that he continues to send to me.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


We've been gone a lot. This last week my husband surprised me by taking me to a little bed and breakfast and spa while my parents watched our children. While we were there we went to the Temple. It was a Temple that I had never done a session in before. One I've always wanted to. My Grandparents were Temple workers there for several years. I remember my Grandma telling me about how special it was to be a Temple worker. The blessings that she and my Grandpa received from their service. I even remember being able to do baptisms there once and eating in the cafeteria with her afterwards. Now being able to do a session in a place that she loved so much, It was amazing! The spirit was so strong. I wish I could tell you everything about it. But the things that are most sacred and special are the most personal. I will tell you that I know that the Temples are our Heavenly Father's house. Families are eternal, and if we live worthy we WILL see them again.