Monday, May 7, 2012


Yesterday at church I was asked to help with part of the lesson in Relief Society. The lesson was on of the Conference Talk called Teaching our Children to Understand. I shared an experience I had when I was about 4 or 5 years old (I remember several vivid moments when I was young). I witnessed my cousin get hit by a car. I tried to grab her to stop her but I missed. Luckily I can remember almost every detail except when she actually was hit. During all of the commotion and all of the blood, my mother told me to go inside and pray. I remember walking into the house finding a spot behind the red recliner, then kneeling down and pleading with my Father in heaven to save my cousin. I don't remember how long I prayed but I do remember going back outside and watching my mother get into the ambulance with my cousin to go to the hospital. My mother was and still is so wise. In a very intense moment she told me to go and pray. She didn't yell or go crazy. She was calm and collected. I can still see her waring what I thought was one of her favorite shirts, holding my cousin in her arms with it covered in blood. I don't know if I would have reacted the same way she did. But I do know that it is my first memory of prayer. I felt peace and a sense of calm. I knew my cousin was going to be okay, and she was. She only had to get a few stitches on her face. I hope as my children are growing I can teach them the truths of the gospel in the every day situations that come our way whether they are huge like I experienced with my mother or small.
If you haven't read the talk, Please do, I learned so many things as a mother.