Friday, February 26, 2010

Jesus The Christ

In Relief Society we have mini activities. One of which I am in charge of, Literacy Group. This year we decided to take the entire year and read Jesus The Christ by James Talmage. We had our first meeting yesterday over the first 9 chapters. It was so amazing! I am loving reading this book. It's a slow read because you need a dictionary for a lot of the words. But soo worth it! If you haven't read it, do! I have learned so many things already. It was wonderful going to this group meeting and hearing how this book is helping others in their testimony of the Savior. We all need to have more Charity in our lives. The only way to understand Charity and implement it in our lives is to become closer to the Savior. This book, along with reading your scriptures, will help you to do just that.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Child is Learning

On Sundays my children will come home from church and give me their papers. Then they tell me what they learned and if they were reverent. This past Sunday there were no papers from my oldest (6 yrs old). He had taken and hung it up in his room with out showing me. I saw it last night while I was helping my youngest with his prayers.
This is what the paper was.
It says,"The Savior will help me when I...Hurt. I am greatful for the Savior because....He felt my hurtness."
After I finished reading it I was taken back. Not only did my little boy write this with his own hand writing he is starting to understand the Atonement. What he wrote is so simple, true, and so profound. The Savior truly does understand all of our 'hurts' no matter what kind, no matter much. I am thankful for my son's teachers and that they are helping my husband and I teach him the gospel.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


So we did our taxes and guess what?! They were another blessing. We got just enough back to cover the repairs on our car!! If you pay your tithing you will always be taken care of. I know this to be true.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day on a Sunday

I don't know about you but I loved having Valentine's day on Sunday. Seeing all the people in Red reminded me of Christmas when people ware red to church. So that made me think of the Savior and His love for us. Then there were talks on love, the Love Heavenly Father had and still has for us. He sent His only Begotten Son here to die for us so we could return to live with him. That is amazing Love! Our Relief Society Lesson was on the need for a Savior. The spirit was so strong! I hope that were ever you were yesterday, no matter what your circumstances are that you truly felt the Love that our Heavenly Father and Savior have for you. Once you feel that love, you'll know that you're never alone.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Always a Parent

My car won't be fixed until Saturday, maybe Monday. So that left me without a car to do the things a mom needs to do. My parents have come to my rescue again. My second to youngest brother plays Lacross for BYU. They left today for a tournament and will be gone until Tuesday. My mom brought over her car, one just big enough for me and my three littles. She said she would use my brother's very tiny two car door car. It was perfect timing for him to be gone so this blessing could come.
This morning I woke up and didn't feel good. I had the thought to call my doctor and see if he had any openings. He did and I had a car to get there. So I quickly got the kids ready and off we went. I was so glad we did. I have felt so much better since the appointment. And after I was finished he asked if I wanted him to look at my youngest. I asked if he had the time. He checked and he had had a last minute cancellation. So we both got checked out. What a difference it has made in him too! I am so thankful for my mom. She is and always will be an example of someone who listens. She strives always to listen for the spirit to prompt her so she can be an answer to someones prayer. She was an answer to my prayer/need today. She continues to take care of me. She will always be my mom and a parent to me. Maybe even more important is the example she is to me, to listen to the Lord and to act on what she hears. Someday I hope I am just like her.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Little Neck...Still

I was cleaning up lunch today when my youngest (2 years old) walked in the kitchen and said, "Cuddle". The pour little guy is still having neck problems. I've taken him to a new back doctor. He messed up his little neck more than I could have imagined. And it is slowing getting better. He does have his bad days, and today was one of them. He was in a lot of pain. As much as it hurts me to tell you about this tender mercy from Heavenly Father to me, I feel I need to.
If you remember a few posts ago I talked about needing to be a better mom. Well part of that was I wasn't spending time with my children. I was packing and cleaning all of the time. Since my little has had his neck problem he hasn't been able to take naps during the day. After a few missed days, and having an upset child at night, I decided to hold him while he slept. It has been a huge blessing for me. I HAD to stop and "cuddle" with my little one. I know they don't stay little for ever. I miss all of them being babies and I've tried to cherish them while they are small. I got lost in the stress and business of trying to sell a house. And this is a little different. I sit and hold him for an hour and a half and sometimes two hours. The world slows down a little bit. I get to take a breather. I love it! I get to bond with him. It almost breaks my heart to think that this is happening because it is too painful for him to sleep on his own. He will get better, he was blessed to. In the mean time I will cherish the time that he wants me to hold him, and thank Heavenly Father for continuing to answer my prayer.

Car Trouble

So Tuesday, on the way home from seeing the doctors, my engine light came on. The car started acting funny so I had my dad look at it. He suggested to get it in to see what was wrong. I didn't have time, so I planned on doing it first thing Wednesday morning. I got up, got the kids ready, and just after dropping off my oldest to school we headed straight over to our mechanics. I was about 9 blocks or so away when the car stopped moving. The RPM's would rev up but nothing over 20 miles an hour. I thought I should stop, but then how cold I possibly get there and I had two children with me. So I kept on going. We barley made it there. They hooked it up to the computer and it was bad. So much in fact they had to send us to a specialist up the street. So we got back in the car and drove up the street with the hazards on. The specialist said we had lost third gear. We needed to have a new transmission, and it needed to be built from scratch so it could handle the power of the engine. And that's not what the real problem was. The Tork converter, I won't even pretend to know what that is, completely fell apart. It's parts and fluid went into the transmission and that is why we lost third gear. So we need a new one of those too.
Now having said all of that, and understanding that this is just more stress to me, I can't help but remember all of the little blessings that we received. We didn't have any car trouble while we were in Vegas last weekend. We would have been stranded and it would have cost a bundle more. I was able to drive the car to a few places I needed to go after the 'check engine' light came on. I made it to the mechanics with my two kids just fine. My dad came and helped me so I wouldn't be taken advantage of while my hubby is gone. He also picked up my oldest from school.
The Lord knows when things are going to happen and He truly takes care of us. When it rains it pours but there are always blessings in the rain.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


A few nights ago while reading my scriptures I read this scripture; Ether 12:27 "And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." I like the "If / Then" scriptures, like this one is. IF you do what it says THEN the Lord gives you a blessing.
I've heard and read this scriptures several times. But this time I really started to think about my weaknesses. I have many, some more predominate than others. When I was making a mental list of the ones that I need to work on first, I realized that I haven't been the best mom lately. That sounds almost like a cliche, I've known women who have said that before. But I truly feel it. I've been so stressed out I haven't been finding the small moments to spend with my children. I wasn't noticing the joys that they bring to me. I've been more stern, to put it lightly, with them. I don't like being that mom. I don't like being that way. I don't like the feelings that I feel inside when I'm being that kind of a mom.
So I've decided I need to change. I decided to do the "IF /THEN" part in the scripture. I need, and my children need, for this weakness to become a strength. It's only been a few days and my prayer has already started to be answered. It's coming in parts, and I'm working on it. One night I was led to a blog where a women was struggling with an aspect of motherhood. I was able to read it and realize that it was one big part of why I am struggling. With the Lord's help I've been working on that part a lot and it's slowing getting better. The spirit is stronger in our home. I'm not perfect and I have a long ways to go. I am so grateful for the scriptures. That scripture answered a prayer I didn't even know I had. Heavenly Father knows and He always wants to help us to become the best us. I'm glad he hasn't given up on me yet.