Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I have to share a tender mercy that was shown to my sister. She and her husband got married a year ago. They didn't go on a honeymoon. They planned on taking one for their 1st year anniversary, which was on the 23rd of April. For months they planed on going to Mexico. They had almost everything set up and then a couple of weeks ago something happened to their flight plans. They were really sad about it and decided to go to Hawaii instead. They left this morning. What a blessing that they were flying out to Hawaii instead of Mexico today. The Lord blesses so many of us in ways that we might not think are blessings at the time until looking back on them.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Are you listening?

I am very sick. This is the first time I've really been able to sit up. I've got a sinus infection that drained to my lungs so I am on an inhaler along with the antibiotics. Also I have the flu, when it rains it pours. :]
My post today is humbling to me. I don't enjoy letting people know my faults but I felt strongly about sharing this with you.
This last Tuesday I was running around trying to keep my children from going crazy being inside, it snowed again and the day before we all got sunburns playing outside. I also had to sign a million papers because we refinanced our house. A thought came to me a few times throughout the day, 'fold your laundry, you won't be able to later'. Because of all of the Easter fun I didn't get the laundry folded last weekend. I thought for sure I would have time later. I was scheduled for a tilt table test the next morning, Wednesday. It's a stress test but not one that I would spend days recovering from. So I dismissed the thought every time it came to me, making one excuse after another.
The next morning I went in for my test. It was worse than I expected but after a nap when we got home I felt much better. I was even able to take my kids to an activity center to get some of their energy out, we had more snow. While we were there I started coughing, not a big deal right. Well by the next morning I was full blown sick! It hit me hard and fast. I think it was because the stress test weakened my immune system. I've been so sick my husband had to take sick days at work and stay home. You might not think so but it really has been a big pain and stress not having the clothes folded. I continually apologized to my husband, who has been wonderful through all of this. I wasn't able to just tell the kids to go and get dressed like I usually do because they didn't have clothes in their drawers. And it can be so frustrating, especially when you're sick, to lay on the floor trying to help find pajamas or trying to match socks. My Heavenly Father knew that I was going to get sick. He tried to show me a tender mercy but I didn't listen. How many times does this happen to us? Our Heavenly Father loves us so much and he truly cares for us, even the little things. Our lives would be so much better and easier if we, if I, just listened more. Are you listening?

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Spirit of God

My cousin email me this video. It moved me to tears. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. You'll need to turn off the music in the side bar to be able to hear the music on the video.


This year I read a blog that did a Family Home Evening opening eggs that had thing to do with Easter in them. So I got an idea, not my own I'm sure of that, to do a count down to Easter starting on the first of April. It was wonderful! Each night my children would pick an egg. Inside the egg were things that had to do with our Savior. For example one had tooth picks glued together with scriptures talking about how Christ was crucified on the cross. It was a wonderful teaching tool to help my children understand the true meaning of Easter. It ended on Easter Sunday with a family devotional. The last egg was empty like the tomb the Savior's body was layed in. We had a good lesson on the resurrection. What a blessing this was for our family. It made the holiday much more meaningful! I am so thankful for Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for each of us. He made it possible for us to return home. I hope you found the Savior this Easter.

Go here to see an apostle's thoughts on Easter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpFhS0dAduc

Monday, April 6, 2009


This past weekend was General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. It was amazing! I love that every 6 months we get to hear council from our beloved prophet and apostles. It is so refreshing and very spiritually filling to the soul. I've been watching conference every since I was born. I remember when I was little how my parents would make us watch both sessions on Sunday and it was always on in the house on Saturdays. My cousins didn't have to watch both sessions on Sunday and I will have to admit that I did complain about it once or twice. Now that I am many years older I am so grateful for my parents example. Because of them and their example I love to watch every session of Conference. And now that I have children of my own my husband and I have them watch all of the sessions with us, and yes they liked it. It truly was a wonderful weekend. One thing that never ceases to amaze me is how many of my personal prayers are answered during Conference. I am sure that many of the other saints feel the same way. It is a wonderful Tender Mercy of our Heavenly Father to have His will and His word and council delivered to all of us twice a year. I hope you had the chance to watch. If not here is a link http://lds.org/conference/languages/0,6353,310-1,00.html

Friday, April 3, 2009

Small things Big blessings

Last night while I was getting ready for bed I washed my arms. Something I don't do every night mind you. I looked down at my arms and again noticed how big my veins are in the inside crevasse of my elbow. Now you might be thinking 'So what?' 'that's not a big deal' but really it's a small thing but a very big blessing. Over the last 16 months I've had blood taken and I.V.'s put in so many times I can't count them anymore. I even have small round scares where the needles were inserted. Almost every time a needle was put into one of these veins the nurse doing it would comment on how big my vein was. One E.R. nurse even said, "Thanks for bringing your best vein. Sometimes people forget it". I am so grateful for the blessing of big veins. It's amazing how such a small little thing has been a big blessing in my life. Another testament that Heavenly Father helps us through our trials even eases our burdens just a little. While letting us go through our trials to learn the things we need to to be able to return to him someday.