Sunday, September 30, 2012


I couldn't go to bed tonight until I wrote a little bit of the feelings I felt today.
For the past few weeks we haven't had "normal" church. By that I mean our 3 hour block of meetings. We had regional conference, where a bunch of stakes get to go to the same meeting and we hear messages from one of the General Authorities. It was a wonderful message and I felt the spirit and learned a lot.
Then last week I was able to attend the temple dedication with my oldest son and husband, for the new Brigham City Temple in Brigham City Utah. Words can not express the spirit and joy I felt during that meeting.
So today was the first Sunday in a few weeks that my family and I were able to attend our three hour block with our home ward. I was so excited to go to church. There is a unity in a ward, a ward family that I have missed these passed weeks. Being able to partake of the sacrament was more amazing that most weeks. Which really deepened my testimony of how important it is every week that we get to partake of those sacred emblems and renew our baptismal covenants. Then to go to the second block where we dive into scripture and learn and teach one other seemed to be a treat as well. After that going to the Young Women's meeting, standing with these amazing young women and repeating the Young Women's Theme had so much power. I hope the girls know how powerful those words truly are. I felt the spirit so much today and felt very blessed! It was so exciting and felt like coming home. At one point during the meetings I wondered if that is how it would feel like when we return home to our Father in Heaven. Will it be so exciting, so full of joy and the spirit to see all of our dear friends? I sure hope so! I love this Gospel and the joy and peace that it brings to my life.

Monday, September 3, 2012


I don't really mention what I've been sick with or many details about it because this blog is ment for the listing of stories of how the Lord blesses my life. Well I can't really explain this tender mercy unless I say something about my health. So I am slightly anemic. I live at just about 5,200 feet and my body is used to it most of the time. It comes and goes, sometimes worse than others. But because of that I get really sick when I go to higher altitudes. When my husband was living 2.5 hours away durning the week and home on the weekends, his work was at 7,000 feet. A few times I took my children and we stayed with him there for a few days. Each and every time we did this I would get sick. Young Women's camp is at a place that is just over 10,000 feet. So you could imagine how nervous I was to be going. It wasn't just 2,000 feet above where I'm used to living, it was almost double! The week before we left I started taking my normal iron supplements (sometimes they make other things worse, but I really did want to get altitude sickness up at camp). Well the night before I was to leave my husband reminded me of another brand that I had taken once that worked really well, and he went and picked me up some. All week long I took it and even now looking back I almost can't believe how well I felt. I didn't get altitude sickness at all! I know that my husband had been give the thought about the better supplements from my Heavenly Father. It was His way of taking care of me. How blessed I am to have a loving Heavenly Father and people around me that listen to His promptings so He can bless my life.