Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Camera bag

Another blessing from the Lord happened this last weekend. We spent some time with my good friend from Collage and her family. They have a bunch of property so of course we built a fire, had tinfoil dinners, and rode 4 wheelers all over the place. It was so much fun! Among the fun we had an almost accident and a huge tender mercy from the Lord.
My son has ridden a little 4 wheeler by him self before. So I didn't think it was a big deal for him to drive their little one too. I didn't ask if they had the governor set or not, something I will always ask from now on. He drove off just fine, was gone for maybe two minutes, then came back. We were sitting by the fire and cheering him on. Then he started to gun it right for us. I jumped up off of my chair holding my youngest. When I turned around my friend, who is 7 months pregnant, was still sitting on her chair and the little 4 wheeler had stopped touching it. My husband jumped out his 4 wheeler to help our son and pull the little 4 wheeler back. We couldn't pull it back until we noticed my camera bag was lodged in between the front tire and the plastic cover over the tire. It took some force to get it out. Afterwards we started to talk about what had happened, my friend trying hard not to laugh about the whole thing (which I was very grateful for). The Tender Mercy was then realized. My son had not let his thumb off of the gas. When my husband came to get him off he was stilling gunning it. If the camera bag had not got stuck we would have had a much different ending. Still thinking about it I am amazed that not only he ran it over but that I had both of my cameras out of the bag and no one got hurt. When we pray that we will be safe when we go on vacation the Lord hears our prayers.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Over memorial day weekend my family went to spend some time with my Grandpa and friends. We had a blast playing and being with each other. And we were blessed beyond measure. When we got there, just over an hour away, we ate lunch. Afterwards I went to get my pills that I have to have to be able to eat solid food. I had forgotten one of the more important ones. I haven't missed taking it with a meal since my health problems started 18 months. Fearful that I might have an attack while driving my husband left to go home, grab the pills, and come back. After he left I had some thoughts as what to do to help my body, I did them, and to our great astonishment I didn't have an attack! What a blessing from the Lord! Not only because I was able to stay and have lasting memories with family but now my husband and I have hope that maybe someday I will be able to live without having to take pills to eat. Who would have thought that being forgetful would being so much hope.

Friday, May 22, 2009

He does Carry

You know the saying the 'Lord doesn't take your trials away but he can make them easier'. Or in the poem 'Footprints' where it talks about the Lord carrying you through your trial. Well yesterday I was thinking about my youngest child. He was only three weeks old the first time I was put in the hospital. He was the best baby! I'm not over exaggerating. He only cried if he was hungry, needed a diaper change, and sometimes when he was sleepy. But even then we just gave him a bottle, put him in his crib, and he was out. For naps he would just go straight down waving good night to us. And then we taught him ASL, so he started to sign to us when he needed something. A perfect baby just like you read in the text books.
Well over the last two weeks he has cried when we put him down for his nap or for bed time. He wasn't using his signs as much. He started to cry a lot more and throw little fits. I didn't know what has going on. It has been better this week, using more signs again and less fits. But it wasn't until then that I remembered what an amazing baby he was. And more importantly I realized what a huge blessing it was in my life. Looking back I really don't know how I would have been able to function with a fussy high maintenance baby. It was one of the biggest blessings to me during my extreme time of need. The Lord truly was carrying me and my family. He was giving me the tender mercies I needed to get through each and every day.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mormon Radio Channel

Mormon Channel, a new radio service of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, launches 18 May and can be accessed via the Internet or HD radio affiliates. The newly created 24-hour, 7-days a-week format is available live online at, but content may also be downloaded.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Plans fail, blessings come

My husband had a conference this last week, Tuesday through Wednesday. They told him he could bring his family to stay over in the hotel. We were so excited to go. The hotel had a fun swimming pool, and my kids love to swim. Monday afternoon my husband got a phone call saying they changed hotels. The new hotel didn't have a swimming pool. We were really sad about that, especially the kids. So we decided to stay home for the night and my husband would go to class. Then we would drive up the next day for his meetings and the kids and I could spend the day with cousins. We decided to take the kids swimming Tuesday afternoon before my husband had to go to class to make it up to them. It was a blast! Everything worked out wonderfully. But the real blessing came when we realized this... In my husbands schooling he can only miss one class time per class and still get an A. He has had straight A's all through this graduate program and this is his last class. (Yeah!) Our oldest son has his preschool graduation on a Tuesday this month. So now because he was able to go to class instead of going up to stay in a hotel he can miss class and attend our son's graduation and still get his A. What a blessing for our family! Sometimes when things don't work out it is for a reason, we just need to see what that reason or blessing is.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Yesterday my husband and I were able to attend my cousins sealing/wedding in the Salt Lake Temple. It was wonderful, the spirit was strong. I wish I could tell you all about the impressions I received but they are too sacred. Just know that I know the Temple is truly the house of the Lord and I know that Families can be together forever if we are sealed there.
It was a fun day with my side of the family too. We went out to lunch and then to my brother's house for the rest of the afternoon\ before the reception. I was so grateful for the thought to pack extra clothes for the kids. If I hadn't I don't know what we would have done because the kids got dirty playing at the playground. Then I also had the thought to pack dinner pills and my camera, and sure enough I needed the pills because we stayed all day long and it was nice to have the camera. My husband has been extremely busy with school, work, and internships. It was nice to have a day to just play with the kids, and I was able to capture some memories with my camera. There were a lot of small little reminders, tender mercies, from the Lord that made yesterday just wonderful. Honestly it was the first time we've gone anywhere and I didn't forget anything. I've never been that prepared.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Even a child can Understand

After my last post I found this little video. I love it and it was what I was feeling yesterday, trying to open my heart like my children. I hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Faith of a Child

Tonight I was listening to my 5 year old son pray. I love listening to him pray. He can say the most insightful things. Tonight he said something that I've never heard him say before and I wanted to share it with you. "Please bless that Jesus will come down and visit us and all the people soon" was how he put it.
Lately I've had some really good spiritual conversations with my children in the car. They are the ones that start asking the questions or sharing their feelings. It really is a good place to talk to them, no distractions. I think that it has helped that I play 99% church music. My 3 year old daughter has brought up Jesus quite often. This last time, a week ago, she started to cry and tell me how much she missed Jesus. It was sweet and tender. Then she asked when he was going to come down to see us. I told her that only He and Heavenly Father knew when. She cried some more, because she missed him 'so much'. When children are still young and the veil is still thin, it is then that we need to listen to them the most. They remember things and feelings from before. It is then that we, if we are in tune and paying attention, can try and remember those feelings too. Oh the faith of a little child.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Too many to count

I'm sorry it's been a while. Almost everyday I think, oh I need to put that on my tender mercies blog, and then life happens and craziness happens. There really have been so many little tender mercies the Lord has given me. Answers to prayers that were amazingly fast, helping me think/remember something that will make my life easier, The list goes on. I'm sorry not to go into detail of all of the happenings with me and the Lord over the last week. I will do better. Thanks for following, and remember He is there and He cares about each of us.