Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Annoying pain

I should be used to pain, I've had it a lot the past 5 years. But I went a good 3 months without very much if any at all. It was so nice. I woke up every day so grateful for it. Well today I had lots of stomach pain again. I needed to get dinner ready for my family as well as be somewhere important. After I finished dinner I did the things I usually do to help with the pain. When it gets as bad as it was it usually takes a few hours for it to subside. I was so blessed to have it leave within a half hour. I was able to be where I needed to be and take care of my family. The pain did return after I had my children back home and in bed, but I am so grateful that I was blessed to have it leave when I needed it most. My Heavenly Father watches out for me.

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